Torchwood 1.3: Ghost Machine

Another of my occasional looks back at Torchwood series 1 takes me to Ghost Machine. My memory of the original transmission is I liked this story and found it better focused on story than the previous Day One. Now I rewatch it I think it’s absolutely tremendous. I’l try to capture why I think that…

Torchwood news from Big Finish

Big Finish has released details for more Torchwood monthly releases: Iceberg and Save Our Souls starring Burn Gorman as Dr Owen Harper and Rowena Cooper as Queen Victoria. It’s a good time to be a Torchwood fan, with all TV episodes also available to watch in the UK on iPlayer.

Torchwood: The Last Beacon review

It’s Torchwood: The Last Beacon, it’s Ianto Jones and Owen Harper, it’s Gareth David-Lloyd’s first Big Finish credit as a writer. Gosh. You spoil us, once again Big Finish. So, it’s a title with much to recommend on paper, but does the actual produce live up to expectations? Short review: Yes. Long review? If you…

Torchwood: Corpse Day review

Well, James Goss has been at it again with another fantastic, if dark [even by Torchwood standards] story in Corpse Day. Notable anyhow for being the first return for Burn Gorman as Dr Owen Harper, with Tom Price also appearing as PC Andy Davidson. It’s got a big cast, a powerful story and packs a real punch…

Owen Harper comes to Torchwood audios

A piece of long awaited news for Torchwood fans: Burn Gorman is back as Owen Harper! It’s announced in the latest Big Finish podcast. Burn returns for May’s Corpse Day. Roll on May! *** Message Ends ***