Thoughts ahead of The Pilot

Bill A Time for Heroes The PilotSo, not long now, in fact as I write it is three days and two hours until season 10 and The Pilot hits our screens. I’ve not seen or nor read any spoilers. The few pre-reviews are mixed but I get the sense this is a jumping-on point (and the word pilot is relevant here) and that Pearl Mackie takes the centre stage while Capaldi’s Doctor allows events to flow.

No doubt a lot more to post after I’ve seen it; I am curious about the picture of Susan on the desk, the Pertwee-esque set-up of the TARDIS seemingly stuck on Earth (though not for long) and the official synopsis reveals little:

Two worlds collide when the Doctor meets Bill, and a chance encounter with a girl with a star in her eye leads to a terrifying chase across time and space. Bill’s mind is opened to a universe that is bigger and more exciting than she could possibly have imagined. But who is the Doctor, and what is his secret mission on Earth?

We know there will be Daleks, and the effects for the robo-girl appearing from the water look amazing. What do I want? To be entertained, and for the characters to all have a place in the story. This means not just Bill, Nardole and the Doctor but the others too.

Let’s see what Saturday brings, and remember, Rose appeared in Easter Saturday as well, and look where that led us!

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  1. David Raid says:

    I agree with all of your thoughts. It was a semi decent episode, as good as we’ve come to expect from Moffat run DW.
    As usual, the show is trying too hard to be Doctor Who, trying to cram concepts into the story without necessity or any plausible foundation for how they can even occur.
    Here’s hoping Chibnall doesn’t fall into that trap and follows the Big Finish approach of writing awesome stories that simply happen to be within the DW universe and be grounded within its lore and peoples.
    Moffat cannot do grounded, his attempts to do so always feel cheap, unearned, cocky and over the top. Sadly, he was the cool guy with the flashy car (Blink and Silence In The Library) that we were all taken in by. We didn’t realise how empty he was underneath it.


    1. Tony Jones says:


      Thanks for dropping by and do let me know what you think of my later episode reviews (or anything else for that matter!)


  2. David Raid says:

    Oops. I thought the tab had reloaded, whereas it had gone backwards in my history. I wrote my comment on the wrong post, sorry.


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