Thoughts ahead of Time Heist

Time HeistAs we get over last week’s Listen attention turns to Time Heist. My theories as to who Ms Delphox might be are waning and this is part due to the mysterious Missy hovering across the series arc. Maybe they are one and the same?

I noticed plenty of reaction on the web to the set of criminal faces shown in the trailer. They included characters from Torchwood and Sarah Jane and even one from a comic – Abslom Daak, Dalek Killer. The main reaction to the latter was a regret that it wasn’t Sabalom Glitz!

As to this week’s story, it looks like a slick crime caper with shades of Philip K Dick (in terms of memory tricks). Lots of potential with time travel bank robbery and I am put in mind of the excellent Big Finish story Grand Theft Cosmos.

My prediction? This will entertain but not challenge.

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