Putting the boot into the 12th Doctor’s outfit

Loake Leather Brogue BootI’d been trying hard to avoid producing yet another post on the subject of Peter Capaldi’s outfit for the Twelfth Doctor. As you can tell I failed. I like the look, no tie, button collar, Crombie coat which can now not be bought anywhere for any sensible price and so-on. Now I find that the press can’t stop obsessing with this article in the Daily Telegraph: Deconstructing Doctor Who’s latest costume by Luke Leitch. And there’s a scandal brewing…

Name those boots

The scandal is (really) that the boots are not Dr Martens. Instead they are specially made Loake Brogue Boots from the British Boot Company who have none to subtly put a picture of Peter Capaldi on their website! At a mere £215 (I jest) they will surely be on every Whovian’s birthday wish list (not).

How will we ever cope with the rest of the wait for the next series?!

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