Charlotte Pollard Series One details

Charley PollardThe much anticipated Charley series is almost with us and more details have been released by Big Finish. The boxset will be out in May and can be pre-ordered now. The Big Finish news item is here: CHARLOTTE POLLARD SERIES ONE NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER! Joining India Fisher will be a sizeable cast that includes Louise Brealey (Molly from the Sherlock TV show and also from the Lost Stories Foe from the Future) as the wonderfully named Millicent Belanger III and James Joyce (who has done a few other Big Finish roles – full CV here) as adventurer Robert Buchan.

Full details are of course on the Big Finish website – I pick over some items below…

Details for Charlotte Pollard Series One

Although Nick Briggs is voicing the Viyrans and directing he did none of the writing – that was Jonathan Barnes and Matt Fitton. There are five CDs so almost certainly this will be four stories plus a behind the scenes disc – at the launch price of £20 (download) or £25 (CD) this is already looking like  a good investment. It is clearly full cast and we have new characters (such as Robert Buchan and Millicent Belanger III) and some new mysteries including the Lamentation Cipher and the Ever-and-Ever-Prolixity (someone even more loquacious than the Sixth Doctor perhaps?).

No specific story details yet beyond two of the titles The Lamentation Cypher and the Viyran Solution (the spelling change for cipher/cypher is from James Joyce’s CV).

Update – 10th February: the story titles are:

  • Part One: The Lamentation Cypher
  • Part Two: The Shadow at the Edge of the World
  • Part Three: The Fall of the House of Pollard
  • Part Four: The Viyran Solution.

What do you think? Excited? Let me know!

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