Doctor Who: Legacy review

Doctor Who LegacyDoctor Who Legacy is a free game for iOS and Android involving matching coloured balls and collecting various tokens that allow character progression. The game offers some basic RPG type elements, simple graphics and an almost endless levels backed up with the ability to spend money on extras (profit goes back to fund programme making).

With a description like that it seems very basic and the only attraction being the fact that it is free. Is that fair or is there more to it?

The game

The game play such as it is involves matching coloured balls that allow various amounts of damage to strike various attackers drawn from the Doctor Who universe. The game starts in series 7 and you face Daleks, Cybermen, snowmen and others. As the game progresses you unlock series 6, face the silence, whispermen, spoonheads, Zygons and so forth.

All the time you collect points to help characters level up, find new characters and gain other bonuses. My team is currently the Eleventh Doctor, Rory, Madame Vastra, River Song, Jenny and Porridge. Each character has various powers – extra damage, healing, change the colour of certain balls and so forth (K9 can stun opponents for example). Likewise various opponents can stun characters, freeze balls in place and various other tricky elements. If you face too strong an opponent you can always go back and replay earlier levels until your team is strong enough for the major challenge.

[pullquote]Despite the simplicity it’s very addictive[/pullquote]

The game is massive and many more levels (and Doctors) will be added. If you follow the FaceBook page you will learn that the idea is to eventually cover the whole history of Doctor Who. If you do buy anything the fan area opens up with even more levels to play on.

For a Doctor Who fan this isn’t really Doctor Who – there is only the endless game of matching balls to destroy enemies, basic graphics, no puzzle solving and no real elements of the show. All that said it is very compelling and has whiled away several days commuting.

If you’ll excuse me now I’ve got a date with the Great Intelligence and I need Rory to use his Centurion’s Guard to heal the team before the Doctor can use his Geronimo power…

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