Extremis review

I’ve put it off so long I’ve nearly hit the transmission of the next episode! Here’s my somewhat ambivalent take on the Doctor Who story Extremis. In short I think a missed opportunity, but it might all come out in the wash once we’ve seen the next episode(s). If nothing else I like the pre-prod artwork (left)….

Thoughts ahead of Extremis

Steven Moffat is at the writing helm for this week’s Extremis, and has to build on the ending of Oxygen (and I assume he put that bit in as part of the script editing process). Missy make her (first?) appearance of this season (and Michelle Gomez leaves the show with Peter Capaldi). Add the Pope, mysterious monks,…

The Return of Doctor Mysterio review

I’ve simmered my thoughts on the 2016 Christmas special, The Return of Doctor Mysterio and watched it twice just to make sure. My conclusion? Steven Moffat delivered a holiday treat and it was a wonderful piece of TV. Was it a great addition to canon? No. Did it break the mould of Doctor Who? Again no. Was…

Torchwood is 10

Who’d have thought, it’s almost ten years since Torchwood was first broadcast. The spoof site for the Victorian house / hotel seems to have vanished from the web, and it’s years since the show was on screen. Ignoring the recent Barrowman / Moffat spat, let’s focus on some positives.

Who’s writing for Who?

Steven Moffat has mentioned (at New York Comic Con) the intriguing news of a classic era writer penning an episode for the next series of Doctor Who. No details as to whom, but speculation a-plenty regarding Andrew Cartmel, Ben Aaronovitch, Marc Platt and even Andrew Smith.

Moffat out – Chibnall in

Yes much interest all over the usual channels as Steven Moffat finally indicates when he will pass on the mantle of show-runner. Chris Chibnall was not widely fancied before the news broke, but his credentials as a fan and abilities as a TV creator (Broadchurch) stand him in good stead. This isn’t the place to…

Husbands of River Song review

So, the last crumbs of Christmas Dinner have been tidied away, and now it the time to reflect upon Steven Moffat’s Christmas Special episode The Husbands of River Song. Yes, it’s time again for Doctor Who to form part of our festivities. Was it fun, was it entertaining, did it do more? Short answer, yes; long answer —…

Hell Bent reviewed

So, Hell Bent. If you haven’t seen it, click away now. This review of the Steven Moffat Twelfth Doctor story is littered with spoilers. What the Hell! If you’re just passing, I liked this (in the main) though wish it had tried a bit less and achieved a lot more. Not to say it didn’t achieve a…

Thoughts ahead of Hell Bent

With some mild spoilers, here are my thoughts ahead of tonight’s longer episode season finalé Hell Bent. Much has been drip fed from the BBC, so the mild spoilers I have should be known to many. I’ve also scanned several so-called spoiler-free reviews. They seem remarkably consistent.

Heaven Sent in review

So, Heaven Sent by Steven Moffat. Clearly brilliant, clearly a bravura performance from Peter Capaldi. Blending Groundhog Day with a powerful, scary stalker in the form of the Veil, we even end up on Gallifrey. What’s not to like?! Perhaps not very accessible to younger viewers and very dark, but already widely regarded as a classic. NB – some…

Thoughts ahead of Heaven Sent

Heaven Sent by Steven Moffat is the bridge from the death of Clara to the season ending for Doctor Who. The various spoiler-free reviews all say interesting, dark and a brilliant solo performance by Peter Capaldi.