Lady Christina series 2 review on Cultbox

I quite like the Lady Christina series, even though it’s rather flawed in places. It’s fun and seems to set out to entertain, sometimes that’s all I want from an audio (or even a TV show). I found lots of faults in Lady Christina series 2, as you’ll see in my Cultbox review: Lady Christina…

Michelle Ryan back as Lady Christina

Big Finish has today (16 October 2020) announced a return for Michelle Ryan in her role as Lady Christina. The new boxset is due for release in July 2021; details after the break.

Big Finish Tenth and Eleventh Doctor sale

Series 11 may be over, but you can still grab a Big Finish bargain in the final special offer sale: THIRTEENTH DOCTOR SPECIAL OFFERS WEEK 10. A range of goodies, including Lady Christina and Jenny! — Message Ends —

Lady Christina review on Cultbox

I enjoyed the entertaining Lady Christina boxset from Big Finish, and would be more than happy to have Michelle Ryan return again to the part. My review is on the CultBox site: Doctor Who: Lady Christina review. +++ Message Ends +++

The Tenth Doctor Chronicles review

There’s a glaring problem with The Tenth Doctor Chronicles, one that’s being ignore by Big Finish. If you’ve taken the hours out of your life necessary to listen to all four stories, you’ve probably spotted it already. I hope so. If you haven’t done either then it falls to me to break the news. Big Finish…

Lady Christina de Souza – what happened next?

If you enjoyed Michelle Ryan as Lady Christine de Souza in Planet of the Dead, you might want to look out for the most recently announced Big Finish boxset. Coming September 2018 is Lady Christina. The Big Finish news item (LADY CHRISTINA RETURNS) is worth a read to spot a couple of new writers and an intriguing…