Early Adventure 6.2: Daughter of the Gods review on CultBox

I enjoyed the David K Barnes Early Adventures 6.2: Daughter of the Gods a lot. On paper a possibly mad multi-Doctor story with the First Doctor, Second Doctor, Steven, Jamie and Zoe. And Daleks. And Katarina! My review is on CultBox: Daughter of the Gods – Doctor Who Early Adventures 6.2 review. It’s very different…

Katarina Colourised

While I was sorting out the link to The Story of Katarina I also came across a short piece on Adrienne Hill (who played Katarina) on Doctor Who TV. Why mention it here? Well it comes with the superb colourised image (which I’ve borrowed) shown. The (short) article is: Katarina. &&& Message Ends &&&

The Story of Katarina on the DWC

Not something I’ve written (though I wish I had) I just wanted to point out an excellent piece on The Doctor Who Companion. It’s DOCTOR WHO’S LOST COMPANION: THE STORY OF KATARINA. The piece is by Rick Lundeen, and a sequel is promised! *** Message Ends ***