Suggestions for the Companion Chronicles CD clear-out sale

This weekend (end July 2019) there’s a Big Finish Companion Chronicles clear-out sale. It’s the whole eight series, and far too many titles to get then all. I’ve had a quick scan and gone for ten titles in Companion Chronicles range to start your collection. Snappy!

Ten titles to build a Companion Chronicles collection

In some sort of order, here’s my ten suggested titles. The very strongly recommended are in bold!

  1. Peri and the Piscon Paradox
  2. The Scorchies
  3. The Time Museum
  4. The Many Deaths of Jo Grant
  5. The Rocket Men
  6. Tales from the Vault
  7. Home Truths (and the rest of this trilogy)
  8. Mahogany Murderers
  9. The Blue Tooth
  10. Frostfire

I quickly realised this was a grossly short list, and I could easily recommend another dozen or so. One last tip – pick a favourite companion and get all of theirs!

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