Subscriber Short Trips 2009 reviewed

Subscriber Short Trips 2009My look back in time across the Subscriber Short Trips comes to an end in 2009 and it’s a single story, Museum Peace by prolific author James Swallow. This is an Eighth Doctor story read by Nick Briggs. It’s also the only Subscriber Short Trips [I believe] to also be given away to subscribers of another range, the third series of Eighth Doctor Adventures.

The story

To make matter more complicated, this is a story about a character named Kalendorf, a major character from Nick Brigg’s Dalek Empire range, and references back to the 2007 bonus release [remember those] Return of the Daleks, another Nick Briggs story. Why Nick didn’t write this as well as read it I have no idea.

It is set late in Kalendorf’s life. He is a respected war hero from an age society would rather forget, and frequents a certain museum in which is a war tableau including some long-dead Daleks. His reveries are interrupted by both school children and a strange man who won’t take no for an answer. This man is the Eighth Doctor and in some ways sounds a bit more like the Ninth Doctor, back at the story Kalendorf and the Doctor have a discussion about choices and the Dalek war before they are interrupted by tragedy. Less a story than a reminder of the grim reality of war, this is well written and well read. It was a genuine pleasure to listen to it again so I could write these notes.

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