The Horror (Channel) of Doctor Who

Horror Channel Doctor WhoGreat news for UK fans of classic Doctor Who — as reported on the Radio Times site, the Horror Channel is coming to Freeview. Why do we care? Well, this is the one place where you can watch vast amounts of classic Doctor Who. Even if like me you watched most (all) of these at the time this is a great way to re-visit without buying lots of DVDs (note to self, watch some more DVDs!)

The articles is here.

This all happens from Friday, 13 March – not unlucky at all for fans.

The list of episodes coming up is on the Horror Channel site here and includes such gems as:

  • Death to the Daleks
  • Planet of Evil
  • The Two Doctors
  • Ark in Space
  • Daemons
  • Fang Rock
  • Logopolis
  • Kinda
  • Silver Nemesis… the list goes on!

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