Massive Big Finish Humble Bundle sale – Christmas 2014

Dalek Empire Humble BundleIf you’ve ever thought about trying Big Finish, now is the time. There is a massive Humble Bundle deal running from Christmas Eve 2014 for fourteen days.

This is the biggest bargain imaginable and all for charity (Doctor Without Borders) – the Big Finish news story is: HUMBLE BUNDLE


It’s really very simple: first visit the sale site:

  • Pay anything you want and you get Dalek Empire series 1 and 2, eight Nick Briggs single disc releases and some codes for Doctor Who Legacy
  • Pay more than the average (currently $13.04) and get series 3 of Dalek Empire giving you an extra six titles
  • Pay $15 or more and get the whole of the first series of Lost Stories with the Sixth Doctor and Peri. Eight double disc titles

So, for a mere $15 (around £10) you can get a total of 22 stories over 30 discs!

Anything you buy you download direct from HumbleBundle not from Big Finish. You can set up an account and they remain available.

B A R G A I N!

That’s not all – on Wednesday 31st, at 11 am Pacific Time a further set of titles will appear free to anybody who paid more than the average.

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