Missing Episodes: Which ones do you want found?

DWM Special 34 Missing Episodes First DoctorSo as the feverish anticipation that barrow-loads of missing episodes are shortly to become available (as noted in Making Sense of the Missing Episodes of Doctor Whothe immediate thought is surely which episodes?

I would be happy to bet that it isn’t all 106 episodes (and happy to be wrong!) so what episodes would I like?

The full list of missing episodes

Rather than repeat something widely available, I merely point to the list on wikipedia (see here). It is interesting to look at where the missing episodes lie in terms of the First and Second Doctor stories.

Obviously the Second Doctor has most damage (62 out of 106 of the episodes, and more importantly a large percentage of that era given that there are fewer episodes overall. I note even on a quick scan several key stories involving the first or final appearance of various companions (eg Steve, Dodo and Jamie).

So, which stories would I like to be announced?

My list

In some sort of priority order I would like to get:

  • The Power of the Daleks what a start for Troughton with a Dalek story and a new incarnation. Great stuff
  • The Daleks’ Masterplan not only is the apostrophe in the right place but this is a story out of legend. Yes I know Feast of Stephen is not ever likely to be available but still
  • The Evil of the Daleks (spot the Dalek theme!) which I remember enjoying when it was transmitted
  • The Highlanders Jamie’s first appearance
  • The Wheel in Space Zoe joins the TARDIS crew
  • Missing bits of Abominable Snowmen and Web of Fear 

That’s my list – what’s on yours?

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