The real ninth Doctor?

John HurtSo we have spoilers from none other than John Hurt all over the place (eg Cultbox) this morning (Friday 10th May 2013) claiming that he is part of ‘a trinity’ with the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors and is in fact a missing Ninth Doctor. There had been some fan speculation already on this (and the idea of a ‘missing’ Doctor that fought the Time War is not new) given his outfit is mid-way between Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor and Christopher Eccleston’s Ninth.

What does this all mean in practice? Well if true it gives us a feel for how the story might have been if Christopher Eccleston had agreed to take part and also means every blogger and fan site needs to renumber the Doctors! Beyond that it suggests that some care is being taken to give us a decent story for the anniversary and along with other rumours about The Name of the Doctor, which I won’t repeat, my confidence level in up-coming episodes is increasing daily!

What do you think? Let me know!

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