Vienna news from Big Finish Day 3

Vienna Panel at BF Day 3

One of the panels I listened to at Big Finish Day 3 was that for Vienna Salvatori (the impossibly glamorous bounty hunter). In attendance were (in order on the picture) Mark Wright, Jonathan Morris, Chase Masterson, John Banks, Nev Fountain and Ken Bentley.

A lot of things were discussed and I thought I would capture some of the details here for those who weren’t at the convention. Anything said is of course subject to change, and any mistakes are down to my memory.

I still think some details are worth sharing…

Some details

First a quick list:

  • Expect the first boxset in January
  • The stories are by Mark Wright, Nev Fountain and Jonathan Morris
  • Chase recorded the first two stories last week before Big Finish Day 3
  • Vienna will never have time-travel stories
  • Vienna will not have the Doctor appear.

Following the last point there was a long discussion about could Vienna appear back in Doctor Who and Chase made it very clear that she was up for that to happen and would love to appear with Tom Baker again following Night of the Stormcrow.

There was also a passing suggestion that Vienna could meet Thomas Brewster!

My impressions of Chase Masterson

I don’t normally give opinions of people in this blog preferring to focus on specific pieces of work. I am making an exception here as, having listened to the panel and various interviews I am very impressed by Chase and her approach to science-fiction drama. She also clearly understands the relationship between cult shows and the fans.

I believe she genuinely feels that Vienna could turn into something special and is committed to the series. I suspect Big Finish are onto a winner here.

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