CC summer sale 2012

Companion Chronicles Summer Sale 2012

Vortex #42 brings us news of another sale – this time we have two weekend sales devoted to the Companion Chronicles (we had a 1-50 sale earlier this year). These are now in their seventh season and (as I suggest here) are often a good example of all that Big Finish are good at. So although we don’t have a mega summer sale to relish we have to bear in mind that we have had what seems to be a sale every month so no complaints from me.

The details are:

  • August 25th and 26th: Series 1 – Frostfire, Fear of the Daleks, The Blue Tooth and The Beautiful People for £5 each or £15 the four
  • September 1st and 2nd: Series 2 – Mother Russia, Helicon Prime, Old Soldiers and The Catalyst again £5 each or £15 the four.

Postage applies 50p per disc.

Series 1 is maybe a little uneven with Frostfire and The Blue Tooth being my favourites.

I will be collecting Series 2 – see you in September!

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