The Twitch of the Daleks

Over on DoctorWho TV there’s news of the latest Twitch outing for Doctor Who (latest as of 11 Feb 2019). It’s a Dalek marathon running from 17 – 22 February. Stories start with Daleks and end with Remembrance and include The Five Doctors. Full details: The Daleks come to Twitch for six day marathon. /O\ Message Ends /O\

Doctor Who back on Twitch Jan 2019

As reported on The Doctor Who Companion and elsewhere, there’s another run for Doctor Who on Twitch coming up. What’s worth calling out about their coverage is a full list of when each story will be broadcast (UK time focussed). See the details: DOCTOR WHO IS RETURNING TO TWITCH: HERE’S THE FULL JANUARY SCHEDULE. Just in time for my…

Soph draws twitch

If you’re following the twitch stream of Doctor Who, you might like to also check out the work of Bristol based artist Soph. She has lots on twitter (see the link) and a blog through which you can buy her prints: S.ILES ART. +++ Message Ends +++

Stuart Manning Enemy of the World poster

With twitch (whatever that is) streaming the Second Doctor at the moment, here’s the Stuart Manning Enemy of the World poster. Enjoy! +++ Message Ends +++