Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1989 scheduled

Over on FaceBook, Terraqueous Distributors has given September 2020 for the Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1989. Impressive turnaround as the Unofficial Master Album 2074 only just came out! What’s next? Eighth Doctor Album 1996? War Doctor? Division Doctors? I can’t wait! === Message Ends ===

Unofficial Master Annual 2074 released!

Terraqueous Distributors has now released The Unofficial Master Annual 2074. It’s another great mix of stories, features, puzzles and artwork. It’s available in glorious full-colour hardback – The Master Annual. It even has a story I wrote! Full details after the break.

Incoming Transmission from Terraqueous…

Over on FaceBook, Terraqueous Distributors has again confirmed the April 16 release date for the Unofficial Master Annual and added more. It seems a further unofficial annual has already been started – more details on the 16th. Stay tuned! +++ Message Ends +++

Unofficial Master Annual update

Terraqueous Distributors has dropped a large hint as to when we can expect The Unofficial Master Annual to appear (clue: look at the picture!) +++ Message Ends +++

Unofficial Master Annual coming April 2020

It was planned to release the Unofficial Master Annual today, March 1, being the day Roger Delgado would have been 102! For reasons beyond control it will now be released in April (and not an April Fool I hope). It’s looking good and I can’t wait! Stay tuned to the Terraqueous Distributors page on FaceBook….

Unofficial Master Annual cover revealed

Terraqueous Distributors has revealed the cover for their forthcoming Unofficial Master Annual. It’s look great and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy! I’m hoping we get news on the release date soon! *** Message Ends ***

Master Annual update

As far as I can tell the Unofficial Master Annual is progressing well. Over on the Terraqueous FaceBook page we’ve had a reveal of the endpiece artwork (shown left). No official news on writers (stay tuned;-) or a release date, but I’ll keep you posted. My posts on the Unofficial 1987 Annual were among the…