Tea Watch update: Arachnids in the UK

It looks like a major breakthrough on the tea drinking front in the next Doctor Who episode, Arachnids in the UK if the latest set of pictures is any guide. Not only is tea clearly happening, but there is also a strange trailer from what must be the end of the episode (stealing my pre-episode thunder as well)…

Tea Watch returns!

During the Twelfth Doctor era, I kept an eye open for tea drinking, and am bringing back Tea Watch for the Thirteenth Doctor. If the TARDIS console can produce custard creams, surely a decent cup of tea can’t be far away! I’ll keep you posted! !!! Message Ends !!!

Dalek discount in Cardiff

If you find yourself in or around the Roath Park area of Cardiff, you might want to pop into the Field of Beans café and claim a 5% discount on a coffee. The snag? You have to order in a Dalek voice!

Brew Box TARDIS cafe in Glasgow

Tea drinking (other drinks are available) time travellers in Glasgow can now grab a drink at the Brew Box Café in a converted TARDIS on Argyle Street. It’s the idea of Laura Camerron and more details are available in the story on the Evening Times site: Glasgow’s first zero waste micro cafe opens – in a Tardis. <<< Message…

Tea Watch update: the real question nearly answered

Finally in The Witch’s Familiar we get evidence of the Twelfth Doctor’s tea drinking. We still don’t know how he takes it (apart from in a china cup on a saucer) but at last we have tea! More from Tea Watch as and when! -+- Message Ends -+-

Tea Watch – report #2

It’s been a while since Tea Watch – report #1. Apart from sheer neglect, the fact of the matter is I haven’t seen the new Doctor drink tea. Even in The Caretaker you might have imagined tea drinking would be mandatory – I didn’t see any.

Tea Watch – Report #1

So, Deep Breath has been and gone but failed to answer the most important question: How Will Capaldi’s Doctor drink his Tea? We did see a decent measure of whisky being poured, something which puts me in mind of the Third Doctor’s love of a decent claret. More news on the Twelfth Doctor’s tea habits as they emerge! (*)…

Milk. No sugar. How will Peter Capaldi’s Doctor drink his tea?

In my mind there is one question that we should be focussing on ahead of the appearance of Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor (please don’t let them change the numbering we all use, wrong though it might be).  I don’t mean will Clara stay, is River Song still his wife, will Clara get a chum (the chap…