Unofficial 1987 Dr Who Annual now available!

Terraqueous Distributors has released the Unofficial 1987 Dr Who Annual and it’s available to buy on Lulu here. If you don’t know it’s a fan recreation of a Sixth Doctor annual that never was, and includes Peri, Mel, The Rani and The Master.

Planet of the Rani review on Starburst

My review of Marc Platt’s Planet of the Rani is reviewed on Starburst: PLANET OF THE RANI (DOCTOR WHO). I enjoyed this Sixth Doctor tale and liked the way the interplay between Constance Clarke and the Rani allowed for exploration of both characters. –= Message Ends =–

DWM 486 – some interesting snippets

I know the latest Doctor Who Magazine (DWM) is only just out, and I have yet to read mine but some snippets are already being widely reported. From the cover we see Sylvester will be talking Seventh Doctor, and the Radio Times on DWM 486 mention Moffat talking about where Missy might sit in the Master’s timeline (before Simm?)…

The Rani Elite reviewed

Justin Richards tale, The Rani Elite, is of great interest to fans as it adds the Rani to the Big Finish portfolio. It also gives us Siobhan Redmond as the next incarnation of this brilliant yet evil time lord. Fan interest aside, is this story a decent tale in its own right? How does this…

Starburst review of The Rani Elite

Just catching up with December, here’s my Starburst review of The Rani Elite. This is Siobhan Redmond’s first appearance as the Rani in a Justin Richards story for the Sixth Doctor and Peri. — Message Ends —

DWM 480 to feature Michelle Gomez

If you want more Death in Heaven and Missy then this weeks’ Doctor Who Magazine (issue 480!) is worth getting. Not only is it packed with Missy but also a tribute to Lynda Bellingham (Trial of the Time Lord and the Big Finish Trial of the Valeyard).

Big Finish announces Siobhan Redmond as the Rani!

Big Finish has announced The New Rani who will appear in November’s main range story The Rani Elite by Justin Richards. With Kate o’Mara passing away re-casting the Rani was not a simple decision as David Richardson explains in the news item. I think the casting is inspired not only visually but also in terms of talent – I…

Something Borrowed by Richelle Mead reviewed

Puffin Books anniversary short story for June 2013 is Something Borrowed by urban fantasy (=vampire;-) author Richelle Mead. This is a Sixth Doctor and Peri tale set at a wedding which was strangely apt as it was released for my consumption the day after I had myself been at a wedding. With no prior knowledge of Richelle Mead…