Inversion of the Zygons review

Just a short piece to add to the vast chorus of approval for the Twelfth Doctor episode Inversion of the Zygons. Short review: excellent. Long review: excellent, re-watch to see why. I thought I’d highlight a couple of points below, but really just a very, very good piece of TV.

Thoughts ahead of Zygon Inversion

Lots of teasers (as usual) for tonight’s Zygon Inversion, and I note it is written by Peter Harness and Steven Moffat. This probably means some series continuity as well as a wrap to last weeks Zygon Invasion. Last week’s story was (mostly) well received and some spoiler-free reviews for tonight are also positive. I have a few…

Thoughts ahead of the Zygon Invasion

Tomorrow’s Doctor Who gives the return of Osgood and The Zygon Invasion. Peter Harness wrote this (and also co-wrote next week’s Zygon Inversion) and also wrote last season’s Kill the Moon. I didn’t like Kill the Moon but am more than happy to treat Zygon Invasion on its merits. After all we get plenty to chew over…

Full UNIT Extinction details from Big Finish

Following the early news release from the Radio Times (Osgood comes to Big Finish UNIT Extinction), Big Finish has announced full details of the main cast for the new boxset. Not only is Ingrid Oliver (picture, sans glasses, from the Big Finish FaceBook feed) back as Osgood, but other characters have been announced.

Osgood comes to Big Finish UNIT Extinction

As we might have guessed (but didn’t), Ingrid Oliver will be playing Osgood in the Big Finish UNIT Extinction boxset, available in November 2015, alongside Jemma Redgrave as Kate Stewart. The details were published first by the Radio Times: Doctor Who stars Jemma Redgrave and Ingrid Oliver get their own spin-off adventure. <:> Message Ends <:>

The resurrection of Osgood

Osgood’s return from the grave has been widely publicised this week (Double trouble in Doctor Who as Osgood takes on the terrifying Zygons) and good luck to Ingrid Oliver in her new life (or is she the Zygon). Apart from all fan wailing about Steven Moffat cheating, I wonder what else this might mean…

Farming with Doctor Who Legacy

As part of this week’s patch, Tiny Rebel Games’s latest update to Doctor Who Legacy brought us Anna’s Playground Part 2 and some new farming levels. The newsletter gives us updates on the next version of the app (Android problems), the ability for expert allies to wear costumes for non-expert variants and some farming levels. Next week…

Doctor Who Legacy – vote for a new expert ally

If you’d like to vote for the next (ie not this week’s) new expert level ally, pop over to this poll. Here you can vote for one of Danny Pink, Rose Tyler, Osgood, Meta-crisis tenth or Idris. I went for Rose — the poll doesn’t show you who’s winning, so wait and see!

Legacy Advent 2014 going great guns

Without much fuss we’re into the second year of Doctor Who Legacy and the latest Advent Calendar. Some other changes – the Fourth Doctor  now appears on the artwork, we have chapters not now called seasons, we have a little bit of chapter four content (ie the season just gone) and some performance improvements / bug fixes….

Death in Heaven reviewed

So, that’s the end of the first Capaldi season and Steven Moffat gave us the impressive (yet flawed) Death in Heaven to mark the occasion. As I guessed there has been much love and much despair amongst fandom.

Legacy of Season 8

As season 8 winds down with Death in Heaven, there is much marking of the occasion with Doctor Who Legacy. This week’s newsletter (Wednesday now, don’t forget!) reveals all.