The resurrection of Osgood

OsgoodOsgood’s return from the grave has been widely publicised this week (Double trouble in Doctor Who as Osgood takes on the terrifying Zygons) and good luck to Ingrid Oliver in her new life (or is she the Zygon). Apart from all fan wailing about Steven Moffat cheating, I wonder what else this might mean…

Big Finish made a point of tweeting about Osgood’s return. It is rare for them to advertise a main franchise news item without a Big Finish twist (eg Kate Stewart is returning for Series 9 and in the new Big Finish UNIT range). I wonder if there is something more here – perhaps the Unit Extinction series is also bringing Osgood to audio?



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Simon Wood says:

    More Osgood isgood 🙂


    1. Tony Jones says:


      Thanks for dropping by, I tend to agree as long as she does more than just fan-girling


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