Cosmic Masque 13 is out and still free!

Cosmic Masque 13 is now up for grabs on the DWAS site, and it’s a massive 70+ pages of reviews, articles and fan fiction. It’s also completely free, not even an email address required. You can get it (and all the previous issues) here. /|[ Message Ends ]|/

Cosmic Masque XII out now, and still free!

The freely downloadable (not even an email address sign-up required) Cosmic Masque XII from the DWAS has just appeared on the DWAS site. It’s a PDF of over 60 pages. Despite the Third Doctor cover, much of the material looks at Time Lord Victorious. There’s also a healthy dose of fan fiction and some reviews….

DWAS releases Cosmic Masque XI

The free (no email required) download from the Doctor Who Appreciation Society (DWAS) fanzine Cosmic Masque XI is out now. There’s a great Seventh Doctor cover (and even better pic at the back). It’s a mix of reviews (including Stranded) and a lot of fan fiction. The link is here. +++ Message Ends +++

Fourth Doctor Adventures series 9 review in Cosmic Masque X

When you do download the free Cosmic Masque X you’ll find the first article is my review of The Fourth Doctor Adventures Series 9. I was rather flattered to see my byline at the front and hope you enjoy the review. *** Message Ends ***

Cosmic Masque X is out (and still free!)

The Doctor Who Appreciation Society (DWAS) has just published the latest issue of its free to everyone on download Cosmic Masque X. The Talons of Weng Chiang cover isn’t a clue to the contents – 56 pages of articles, reviews and features. Download here (single page) or here (double page). Congratulations to Rik Moran and…

Big Finish: 20 years of Doctor Who on audio

I just thought I’d mention my article on 20 years of Doctor Who on Big Finish audio, which appears in Cosmic Masque IX. I had a little help from the Divergent Universe Forum but the words are mine own. Cosmic Masque is free – do have a look! *** Message Ends ***

Cosmic Masque IX now published

The DWAS published Cosmic Masque IX on the anniversary (ie yesterday). It’s a whopping 92 pages of fiction, interviews and reviews (and more). It’s free to download from the link. +++ Message Ends +++

Cosmic Masque VIII now available

The DWAS has just released their latest (and free) issue of Cosmic Masque, volume VIII to be precise. It’s the usual mix of stories, reviews and articles and is available (with previous issues) here: Cosmic Masque New Volume. *** Message Ends ***

Cosmic Masque VI available to download from DWAS

The latest Cosmic Masque is available to download free from the Doctor Who Appreciation Society website: Cosmic Masque Vi (2018). There’s a one-age version or a two-page spread version. It comes in at a wonderful 61 pages, packed full of features, reviews and much else. *** Message Ends ***

Cosmic Masque IV available now from DWAS

The free fanzine Cosmic Masque IV is now available from the DWAS website: Cosmic Masque – CM IV. It’s a 76 page magazine all about being a Doctor Who fan. Go get it! *** Message Ends ***

Cosmic Masque from DWAS – free issue!

A great gift from DWAS to welcome in 2016 has appeared in the form of a free 65 page issue of Cosmic Masque. The link is: Cosmic Masque New Volume. It contains some fan-fiction, interviews and articles on a range of topics.