Comic Scene on the Doctor’s female companions

I’ve had a quick skim of Comic Scene Issue 1, and there’s plenty more to enjoy. It’s themed as Laydeez Do Comics and has Judge Anderson and Minnie the Minx alongside a piece on female companions in various Doctor Who comics over the years. Worth a look if you get the chance. ))) Message Ends (((

Comic Scene discusses The Cartmel Factor

Andrew Cartmel’s impact on Doctor Who and the Seventh Doctor is much discussed, but if you’d like a bit more, you might want to get hold of Comic Scene Issue 0. It comes up on offer sometimes, and covers many things connected with the UK comic scene (Issue 0 has articles on Dan Dare, The Prisoner and Tank Girl to name…

Altered Vistas – Doctor Who in comics

If you’re a fan of Doctor Who in comic form, you might want to explore the vast collection of material on the site Altered Vistas. The picture (left) is from an early story, Doctor Who and the Klepton Parasites, a story from 1965. There’s reviews, notes, covers and lots else. +++ Message Ends +++

Doctor Who Comic creation app launched

Thanks to the Radio Times I can now waste even more time on my iPad. The reason? A free (with lots of in app purchases) Doctor Who Comic Creator app! Full details are here: This new app lets you create your own Doctor Who comics. Can’t post a full review as I’m busy finishing something off. Where’s the number…

Humble Bundle of 60 Doctor Who comics available!

If comics are your thing or you want to try something new and help charity then have a look at The Humble Doctor Who Comics Bundle. This offer runs for most of May 2014 and allows you to pick up a large amount of IDW comics in electronic format. This includes the chance to get the Hugo…