When Lesley Sharp was the Eleventh Doctor

I was listening to a radio interview with Lesley Sharp, and idly wondering (as you do) if she had ever done any Big Finish (not yet), when the interview went on to how excellent she’d been in the Tenth Doctor story Midnight. It then moved on to mention that Russell T Davies had considered Lesley in the…

Doctor Who scripts from the BBC

I may have mentioned it before, but there are some scripts for odd episodes of Doctor Who available from the BBC Writers’ Room. There aren’t many, but do include a few titles including Face the Raven (which was originally to be called Trap Street).

Archive Chris Chibnall interview

I thought I’d dig back through the Starburst archive and point our an interview JR Southall did with new showrunner Chris Chibnall. It’s part of a set done during the early days of Broadchurch; Chris talks about the show in general, Steven Moffatt and some of his own episodes. No real clues for next season, but…

Penguin announces 100 Illustrated Adventures

Something exciting from Penguin Books: 100 Illustrated Adventures. What makes this notable is it’s 100 episodes chosen across Doctor Who, from the First to the Twelfth Doctors, with each illustrated by either a fan or professional artist and also including facts about the episode.

Breakfast of the seven Doctors!

As part of this year’s BBC Charity marathon Red Nose Day, there is a chance to have breakfast with not one, not two but seven Doctors! Yes, you can start the day with Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, David Tennant, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi!

Billie Piper will not play the next Doctor shock

Quick off the mark, following the announcement of Peter Capaldi’s departure, Billie Piper has been asked if she will be playing the next incarnation of the Doctor. More interestingly she has come down firmly on the side of having a female Doctor next time round. Her thoughts are on the BBC: Doctor Who: Billie Piper says…

The almost Day of the Doctor

Full marks to Bleeding Cool for their article How Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary Looked When Christopher Eccleston Was Still In It – And Billie Piper Wasn’t. Drawn from the recent release by storyboard creator Andrew Wildman of sketches from Day of the Doctor it gives a fascinating glimpse of the anniversary show we could have had.

A timey-wimey poster from BBC America

Over on BBC America they have a range of posters you might like (see the timey-wimey example to the left). Free to download and use they cover a good range of subjects. They may not match the Stuart Manning artwork, but aren’t too bad. Have a look: Doctor Who Glossary Posters. {+- Message Ends -+}

Complete History volume 55 reviewed

The Doctor Who: The Complete History series kicked off with volume 55. While I think the whole series is an expensive indulgence, I suspect a lot of people might buy the first few releases. The first release had the typical loss-leading price of a first part (£1.99) so not the largest investment in the world.

Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble come to Big Finish?!

Over on Blogtor Who is an exclusive story — David Tennant and Catherine Tate will be recording for Big Finish! No, it isn’t April Fool’s Day (it is the Autumnal Equinox) and this is amazing boundary breaking news (if true). David Tennant is, of course, no stranger to Big Finish! More: David Tennant and Catherine Tate reunite for…

Time Lord Letters reviewed on Starburst

I reviewed the rather delightful Time Lord Letters over on Starburst. This is a brilliantly simple idea brought to Doctor Who fans thanks to Justin Richards. If you want to more, the review is TIME LORD LETTERS. ::: Message Ends :::

Titan Four Doctors #3 review on Starburst

I reviewed the third of Paul Cornell’s Titan Comics summer special over on Starburst. This is much better than the first instalment, and recommended for all comic fans. The review is: DOCTOR WHO: FOUR DOCTORS #3. [-] Message Ends [-]