First Doctor Adventures volume 2 review

I reviewed the splendid First Doctor Adventures Volume 2 for Cultbox in the inevitably named: Doctor Who: The First Doctor Adventures Volume 2 review. I liked the first set but to me this flowed better. My review mentions HG Wells – my thoughts were the Eloi from The Time Machine and also the way the Martians died in…

Short Trips: The Darkened Earth review

I had a listen to John Pritchard’s Doctor Who Short Trips: The Darkened Earth and put some thoughts together for CultBox (Doctor Who: Short Trips – The Darkened Earth review). It’s a moving (and clever) story for the Sixth Doctor from the perspective of Constance Clarke and read/performed by Miranda Raison. It’s another reason to get a subscription!…

Torchwood: Instant Karma review

Torchwood: Instant Karma is a fascinating story for Toshiko Sato and written by the triumvirate of David Llewelyn, James Goss and Jonathan Morris. If you want to know why I think that, check my CultBox review: Torchwood: Instant Karma review. +++ Message Ends +++

Doctor Who: Ravenous 1 review

What’s not to like? John Dorney and Matt Fitton combine to give us four stories in the Eighth Doctor and Liv Chenka’s search for Helen Sinclair. Will The Eleven still be around, and just what is the Kandy Man up to? My thoughts over on CultBox: Doctor Who: Ravenous 1 review. *** Message Ends ***

Serpent in the Silver Mask review

I reviewed the excellent David Llewellyn Fifth Doctor main range story Serpent in the Silver Mask for Cultbox. It’s a fun story, great performances and some nice darker moments. The review is: Doctor Who: Serpent in the Silver Mask review. It brings a really good run of Fifth Doctor stories to an end; at least he’s back next month in The…

Vienna Retribution review

I really liked the latest Vienna boxset, Vienna:Retribution. Written by Guy Adams, it’s epic and hugely entertaining. I reviewed it for Cultbox: Vienna: Retribution – Doctor Who spin-off review. If you’ve not tried this range, not’s the time! *** Message Ends ***

Churchill Years Volume 2 review

I enjoyed the second (and overdue?) set of Churchill stories from Big Finish, and wrote a review for CultBox: Doctor Who: The Churchill Years Volume 2 review. I feel there’s a lot more this series could deliver, and it could even cross over into earlier Doctors. Let’s keep our fingers crossed! +++ Message Ends +++