UNIT-Extinction reviewed

So, here it is, the first post-2005 release for Big Finish in the modern world of Doctor Who. Written by Matt Fitton and Andrew Smith, UNIT-Extinction brings Kate Stewart and Petronella Osgood face to face with the Autons. This time there’s no Doctor to save the day, but don’t worry, UNIT has some resources of its own….

Thoughts ahead of the Zygon Invasion

Tomorrow’s Doctor Who gives the return of Osgood and The Zygon Invasion. Peter Harness wrote this (and also co-wrote next week’s Zygon Inversion) and also wrote last season’s Kill the Moon. I didn’t like Kill the Moon but am more than happy to treat Zygon Invasion on its merits. After all we get plenty to chew over…

Notes from Big Finish Day 7 aka #bfd7

These are the notes I took during the Big Finish Panel at Big Finish Day 7 in Slough. They may well contain mistakes or omissions, so do feel free to let me know any corrections! The panel consisted (as usual) of Jason Haigh-Ellery, David Richardson and Nick Briggs (as per the picture)

Full UNIT Extinction details from Big Finish

Following the early news release from the Radio Times (Osgood comes to Big Finish UNIT Extinction), Big Finish has announced full details of the main cast for the new boxset. Not only is Ingrid Oliver (picture, sans glasses, from the Big Finish FaceBook feed) back as Osgood, but other characters have been announced.

Osgood comes to Big Finish UNIT Extinction

As we might have guessed (but didn’t), Ingrid Oliver will be playing Osgood in the Big Finish UNIT Extinction boxset, available in November 2015, alongside Jemma Redgrave as Kate Stewart. The details were published first by the Radio Times: Doctor Who stars Jemma Redgrave and Ingrid Oliver get their own spin-off adventure. <:> Message Ends <:>

The resurrection of Osgood

Osgood’s return from the grave has been widely publicised this week (Double trouble in Doctor Who as Osgood takes on the terrifying Zygons) and good luck to Ingrid Oliver in her new life (or is she the Zygon). Apart from all fan wailing about Steven Moffat cheating, I wonder what else this might mean…

Big Finish teases more new series characters…

The latest Big Finish Podcast (the one recorded at Gallifrey) gives a few snippets of interesting information. First is that Kate Stewart is only the first character from the new franchise that Big Finish expects to license! Does this mean Torchwood or Paternoster Gang?

UNIT: Extinction announced!

Let’s just enjoy the warm glow of today’s announcement: yes it’s a fully BBC approved new series, UNIT: Extinction with Jemma Redgrave as Kate Stewart! See UNIT – EXTINCTION for details. Suffice it to say Autons!

Worlds of Doctor Who cover released

Big Finish has released the cover for The World’s of Doctor Who (left). The full story with synopsis is on the Big Finish news page. This also gives more details on the four stories. Initial thought is that the cover is missing a few characters (eg the Counter Measures team and UNIT). Further thoughts below.

UNIT: The Coup reviewed

UNIT: The Coup is a short, free story released in November 2004 by Big Finish to promote its then forthcoming UNIT spin-off range. Available on SoundCloud this Simon Geurrier story has to frame a whole spin-off range in a mere twenty minutes and that includes allowing is plenty of time to enjoy Nicholas Courtney in…

UNIT The Coup on SoundCloud

More activity over on SoundCloud; following on from Cuddlesome we now have another complete story available to stream, this being UNIT The Coup which which stars Nicholas Courtney! Hop over to have a listen or, if you want, go to Big Finish and get the same story by visiting its product page. Here it is…

UNIT: Dominion – a review

It’s finally here (as of October 23rd 2012), the first of the Doctor Who Special Releases, UNIT: Dominion. This Nick Briggs written and directed story (co-written with Jason Arnopp) features the Seventh Doctor and Raine along with a much welcomed return for Klein. This along with many new UNIT faces, some new monsters, multi-dimensional mischief and…