Is there a hidden pattern in Series 11?

Series 11 Pattern.pngInevitably, I’ve been thinking about the latest (Series 11) of Doctor Who, and as people are wont to do, I think I can spot a pattern in the episodes. Probably fannish self-deception. Or is it?

It matches the one’s we know about (the first six), but does it continue?

The secret pattern in Series 11

So, here’s my observation:

  1. Sheffield: The Woman Who Fell to Earth
  2. Space: The Ghost Monument
  3. Time: Rosa
  4. Sheffield: Arachnids in the UK
  5. Space: The Tsuranga Conundrum
  6. Time: Demons of the Punjab.

So, it’s a three episode pattern, perhaps a waltz if I want to drag dancing back into conversation, and I think it might continue. I’m sure we will get more trips to Sheffield, and we need to learn more about Yaz’s family if nothing else. Episode 7 perhaps? The block ends after ten episodes (ignoring New Year’s Day) and I would expect it to again end in Sheffield to bracket the series nicely, and add the possibility of changing the companions.

It’s just an observation, but if it comes true, you read it here first!

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