Doctor Who companion to be announced during the football

Doctor-Who-x-Black-Milk-1In a strange feat of cross-over madness, the BBC will announce the next Doctor Who companion around 6 pm Saturday the 23rd of April. I don’t know who it is, and it won’t be the woman pictured. She is from something called Black Milk and an article on a range of Doctor Who outfits designed to thrill. As to the announcement, it is during half-time in the FA Cup quarter-final. Does this work? Is Peter Capaldi at Wembley?

I like football and may even be watching, but do I want a major Doctor Who announcement mid-way? Anyhow, expect lots of speculation and I told you so articles this weekend.

I’d like some of:

  • Non-human
  • Male of female
  • Historical
  • Older than recent companions
  • From the future.

I expect we will get:

  • British
  • Female
  • Mid 20s
  • Contemporary

See? Vague enough so I can be right! More later this weekend.

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