After the Glitz has gone; the return of Mel!

Ace and MelBig Finish has set itself the task of allowing the main range releases post-200 to be new joining points for listeners. This month (July 2015) starts with a Seventh Doctor and Mel story, We are the Daleks and relies on no previous arcs. Next year (2016) has a trilogy (214-16, July – September) with few details bar the line-up: Seventh Doctor, Ace and Mel!

What does this mean?

The return of Melanie Bush

Well this isn’t a set of stories sneaked into Dragonfire, but a whole new run for Mel on the TARDIS. The latest Big Finish podcast (see here) confirms these stories are set after Sabalom Glitz (I think a lot of fans would like a Glitz series, but this isn’t it). This gives us a lot of possibilities.

Obviously it allows Bonnie Langford to play an older Mel, though how old? Imagine if this is a much older Mel who can now mother Ace? What I would like is for a long time to have passed, Mel to have spent a long time with Glitz and time doing other stuff. I want plenty of back story and lots of intrigue. Imagine the first scene between Ace and Mel?

This also has the effect of (sort of) giving Mel a new companion story she never had on TV. I’m really excited for this; what do you think? Let me know!

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