R3 guide to Vienna

Vienna SaleI’ve noticed a traffic spike today in people reading my various Vienna reviews – no doubt encouraged by the Big Finish THE WORLDS OF BIG FINISH – SAVINGS ON VIENNA (May 13 & 14, 2015)Thank you all for dropping by, and welcome any new visitors or those who haven’t been by for a while.

To help you out, this post points you to all my main reviews on Chase Masterson’s intriguing bounty hunter character, Vienna Salvatori. The sale as part of Worlds of Big Finish is a major opportunity to dabble with this series.

Finding my Vienna reviews

There are three ways to find my reviews: menu, search or handy list.


At the top of the blog (and apologies if this changes in years to come) the menu Big Finish > Vienna will take you to all the articles in the Vienna category. This may not be obvious as the list is long and Vienna is at the bottom


Like all blogs, Red Rocket Rising is searchable. The search box is on the menu bar, and searching for Vienna gives you these results.

Handy List

Vienna first appeared in a Seventh Doctor story by Jonathan Morris, Shadow Heart reviewed as part of the Drashani trilogy.

She next appeared in a one-off, again by Jonathan, called The Memory Box.

Her first boxset was reviewed here and the second boxset here.

If you want to read other reviews I have done elsewhere, or notes from Big Finish Day, please use the menu or search options already mentioned.

Thanks for dropping by!


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