Big Finish announces new main range pricing

subscriber discount imageBig Finish has adjusted the subscription pricing for their main range – full details in the news story DOCTOR WHO MAIN RANGE: NOW 30% OFF! The headline news is (for the UK) the 12 CD subscription is £10 cheaper. Of course there is more to this than initially meets the eye


The discount is in comparison to buying the individual titles and is not a discount compared to the previous subscription price; it is still a saving. What isn’t talked about is that the December free release seems to have vanished – the saving on that equates to around the value of the saving. As you might imagine the forum is awash with comment and I expect a clarification sometime later today. I will hold comment until then.

Overseas it seems download only pricing is much cheaper now and even in the UK 12 downloads costs £109 instead of £130. Given that I moved from CD to download for the main range for the recent 51 – 75 sale I may well move altogether – the extra £21 saving would buy any of several box sets.

What are your thoughts – is this a big deal or just noise? Let me know!

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