That was 2013 – blog statistics

Red Rocket Rising Stats 20132013 has been a busy year on Red Rocket Rising and has set a high bar for 2014. This post is a quick summary of WordPress statistics – if you aren’t that bothered feel free to skip.

Still here? Thanks very much!

The statistics

[pullquote]Ignoring this one there were 334 new posts![/pullquote]

Full details are available from WordPress if you click on this JetPack link. Of interest are:

  • Enough post views (over 44,000) to have filled the Sydney Opera House 16 times
  • The busiest day was May 19th – on that day the most viewed post was The Real Ninth Doctor?
  • The most popular post overall in 2013 was Is Trenzalore Gallifrey?
  • People visited from 115 countries (I didn’t know there were that many)
  • The most commented posts was, perhaps inevitably, The Name of the Doctor Reviewed
  • Luke Foord was the most frequent commenter – cheers Luke!

What a great year and obviously the anniversary and regeneration helped as did, surprisingly, the Big Finish release Trial of the Valeyard.

I hope to welcome you all back in 2014 and will do my best to keep the content relevant.

Happy New Year!

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