3D Day of The Doctor – some notes

Day of the Doctor Cinema posterHaving eschewed the idea of going to see The Day of the Doctor in 3D in my post 3D or not 3D: That is the question I ended up actually seeing it as my local cinema ended up showing it again Sunday lunchtime. Why? Well it gave me another chance to watch it again, I’ve never seen Doctor Who on a big screen nor in 3D. Was it worth it? Well it was probably a nice to do rather than a must do but yes I enjoyed it.

Oddly the cinema was host to only around a couple of dozen people almost all of whom had opted for the dearer seats meaning the room was not busy and therefore quiet. I was also not the oldest person there (I am old enough to have seen the first episode, though I don’t think I did) neither was I the youngest. There were fans of all ages crossing more generations than the show itself.

What was it like? Read on…


We got a couple of extra bits before the showing – one was Strax reminding the audience about mobile phones and recording but also remarking upon how much Sontarans like popcorn! We also had Matt Smith and David Tennant warn us of approaching 3D (mind the chin / ware the wrinkles). Nothing life changing but it did get us in the mood.

The 3D

As you might imagine the space war looks good as do set scenes like the TARDIS over London and the picnic with the hamper in the foreground and the hills in the distance. Gimmicks aside what really worked was all the scenes on Gallifrey in the fall of Arcadia. Here the 3D added a certain mythic element to the experience though that might have been my over-active imagination!

Anything else?

The 3D was nice to have and one day in the future when TV is all 3D then this will have been an obvious move. Until then I would suggest this is worth seeing if you get the chance but not worth buying a 3D TV for!


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