Night of the Doctor – more thoughts

paul-mcgann-night-of-the-doctorHaving watched The Night of The Doctor a few more times I have some more observations. It is also worth pointing out Steven Moffat’s interview on the minisode BBC Blog: Steven Moffat on The Night of the Doctor. Fair play to him – the Big Finish link is entirely core to his thoughts. As you might imagine the Big Finish forum has gone into overdrive today!

Anyway, first thanks to Mr Moffat for today’s enjoyment, and second some more thoughts…

And here’s another thing…

I made a few immediate observations in The Night of the Eighth Doctor and have since had a few hours to consider further:

  • Time Lords can (at least via the intervention of the Sisterhood of Karn) change gender
  • Of the Big Finish companions, Mary Shelley didn’t get a mention – is this a sign she won’t be back?
  • No companion later than Molly – ok that’s because Dark Eyes is the latest Big Finish Eighth Doctor product but it is nice to imagine that Dark Eyes might drift into The Night of The Doctor and all out Time War
  • Along with Mary Shelley no companions from Company of Friends which includes Bernice Summerfield, Fitz Kreiner and Izzy. This kills links to magazines and books
  • No mentions of one-off Big Finish companions Samson and Gemma
  • Apart from Fitz no other Eighth Doctor Adventures novel characters – Sam Jones, Compassion and the rest
  • Why did the Doctor die on impact? Should he have regenerated? I can feel another post coming on…


That’s it from me – what else have you thought? Let me know!

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  1. Luke Foord says:

    The only thing that annoyed be would be that upon the craft falling and Cass refusing to help him, the Doctor would at least get in to the TARDIS.


    1. Tony Jones says:

      Yes there’s a few details left for fans to speculate on, that’s for sure!


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