Target style artwork for First Doctor Adventures vol 03

Here’s a thing from the Big Finish FaceBook page, Target cover style art for The First Doctor Adventures Volume 03. The FB post isn’t absolutely specific, but I assume this was done by Tom Webster. Hands up who wants more?! ((( Message Ends )))

Tom Webster Davros poster

Big Finish cover artist Tom Webster has produced the Davros poster to the left for the BBC Doctor Who monster month. I thought I’d highlight it as I like a nice piece of art, and I haven’t (to memory) mentioned Tom’s work specifically. His FaceBook page is: Tom Webster Design. -*- Message Ends -*-

The Churchill Years – first thoughts

Another of the many titles announced today as Big Finish strives into new-Who territory is The Churchill Years. Of the titles announced, this feels most like a one-off (and no doubt will be followed by further Churchill stories!) The setting seems to include World War II; I hope we get some young Churchill in this as well….

The Art of Doctor Who from DWM

Regular visitors will know I am partial to good quality art. This means I am very interested in a new title from DWM: DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE SPECIAL: THE ART OF DOCTOR WHO. I have to admit to rarely buying the specials, but I will make an exception for this one.