First Doctor CC Volume 2 review

I’m catching up with some listening, and it’s time to talk Companion Chronicles The First Doctor Volume 2. It’s a great set of stories, and producer Ian Atkins has really pushed the envelope on the art of the possible with this set. You want more? Oh, alright then!

Merry Christmas from The Doctor Who Companion

Over on The Doctor Who Companion there’s a Christmas gift of fourteen days of Christmas stories from various contributors to the blog. It kicks off today with Peter Shaw’s To All Of You At Home a First Doctor, Steven Taylor and Sara Kingdom story. /// Message Ends \\\

The Sontarans reviewed

The third season of Doctor Who: Early Adventures ends with The Sontarans. Simon Guerrier wrote this First Doctor story with companions Steven Taylor and Sara Kingdom. It’s action packed and rather clever. You want more? Carry on reading…

This Sporting Life review on Starburst

I reviewed the Una McCormack Short Trips: This Sporting Life on Starburst. It’s a charming tale set 50 years ago, back when England were about to win the World Cup, but someone has stolen the trophy! Enter the Doctor, Steven and Dodo in this charming First Doctor story.

More Subscriber Short Trips recorded

Big Finish has just recorded more Subscriber Short Trips and updated the list of titles. These now run until September 2017. Neil Gardner directed, Ian Atkins produced and Stephen Critchlow took the reading honours. I was in studio with fellow writer Nic Ford whose Monkey Planet will be the next released in June 2016. My own First Doctor and…

Subscriber Short Trips 2010 reviewed

My wander back through the Big Finish Subscriber Short Trips hits 2010 and four more great Doctor Who stories to enjoy. Four authors, three readers, four Doctors and six companions (and some UNIT pseudo-companions) — you spoil us! Excitement aside, are these worth a listen? Short answer, yes; long answer…

Blue Peter Dalek cupcakes

Over the years there have been many strong links between the BBC show Blue Peter and Doctor Who. Peter Purves played Steven Taylor and presented for Blue Peter; Ace had not one but two Blue Peter Badges (both Sophie’s). Now we have the ultimate: Dalek Cupcakes! Enjoy! =-= Message Ends =-=

The R3 Companion Chronicles Collector’s Guide Part II

Prompted by a full Companion Chronicles sale, here is the second part of my guide said range. It follows on from The R3 Companion Chronicles Collector’s Guide Part I. This part covers series 5 – 8. This is intended as a reference and is field under Home > Guides, as are all the other Red Rocket series guides.

The Secret History reviewed

Hooray! The main range has reached #200! This means the end of the Locum Doctors Trilogy and we (hope to) find out why various incarnations of the Doctor have popped back into their own past. This time the Fifth Doctor goes back to his earliest days and meets up with Steven Taylor and Vicki. This is also a…

Bounty of Ceres reviewed

Ian Potter wrote the third of the first series of The Early Adventures, a tale for the First Doctor, Steven and Vicki entitled Bounty of Ceres. This is set on a large asteroid and is one of those stories that grew on me as I listened to it. I previously reviewed it for Starburst, but this post is aimed at…

The main range – 200, not out!

This month (December 2014) sees the release of main range title The Rani Elite which is release number 194. In 2015 Big Finish will release the 200th title in the range. To mark the occasion there will be a run of three releases under the banner of The Locum Doctors. Details are here: BIG FINISH – DOCTOR WHO 2015:…

Bounty of Ceres review on Starburst

A plug for my review of the rather excellent Bounty of Ceres by Ian Potter over on Starburst. And yes, I know I’m behind with local reviews! -=- Message Ends -=-