The Sontarans reviewed

The third season of Doctor Who: Early Adventures ends with The Sontarans. Simon Guerrier wrote this First Doctor story with companions Steven Taylor and Sara Kingdom. It’s action packed and rather clever. You want more? Carry on reading…

This Sporting Life review on Starburst

I reviewed the Una McCormack Short Trips: This Sporting Life on Starburst. It’s a charming tale set 50 years ago, back when England were about to win the World Cup, but someone has stolen the trophy! Enter the Doctor, Steven and Dodo in this charming First Doctor story.

Blue Peter Dalek cupcakes

Over the years there have been many strong links between the BBC show Blue Peter and Doctor Who. Peter Purves played Steven Taylor and presented for Blue Peter; Ace had not one but two Blue Peter Badges (both Sophie’s). Now we have the ultimate: Dalek Cupcakes! Enjoy! =-= Message Ends =-=

Flywheel Revolution reviewed on Starburst

The 2015 monthly Short Trips got off to a great start with a First Doctor story by Dale Smith. Called The Flywheel Revolution it is read by Peter Purves. I liked this and my Starburst review is here. -=- Message Ends -=-

The Reunion – a Radio 4 documentary

Any fans with access to Radio 4 may like to catch Sue MacGregor’s documentary The Reunion  which will be broadcast on Sunday April 7th at 11:15 am. The documentary explores the early days of Doctor Who and in the studio will be many guests from the show’s early days including Carole Ann Ford, William Russell and Peter…

Steven vs. The Rocket Men

October 2012 gave us Matt Fitton‘s Return of the Rocket Men being the sequel to The Rocket Men. Unlike John Dorney’s work which created the concept and pitted these rocket powered pirates against Ian Chesterton, Return of the Rocketmen moved the story forward slightly and gave us a chance to discover how Steven Taylor might fair against them…