Doctor Who Stranded 1.1 Lost Property

With Stranded, Big Finish takes the Eighth Doctor, Liv and Helen to a Covid-free version of London 2020. There they must survive without TARDIS and most of the Doctor’s trickery (no sonic nor psychic paper). Instead they might even have to get jobs! It’s all very different and for me, overdue. I’m reviewing these one…

The Eighth Doctor is stranded now!

Big Finish has just released the first in the latest Eighth Doctor boxsets — Stranded 1. It’s 2020, but not as we know it. Details below, look out for my review soon. Lots to look forward too!

Big Finish announces more Jacobi vs McGann

Big Finish has announced details of two new boxsets featuring Sir Derek Jacobi’s War Master vs Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor back in the Time War. Releases are scheduled for October 2020 and August 2021. Full details below.

This week’s #lockdownload is Dark Eyes: The Great War

Yes, it’s the turn of Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor to join the list of great #lockdownload titles from Big Finish. Each way a download is available to users of the Big Finish app, with an accompanying sale. Details below..

#PlumPudding time on May 1

Big Finish is holding its first social media listening party and it’s Chimes of Midnight. Full details after the break.

Time Lord Victorious reveal

A few minutes after my last post, and now it’s full details! And it’s big; really big! See COMING SOON: Time Lord Victorious. Let’s just look at those Doctors (including the Ninth Doctor), Rose, Ood, Daleks, book, comic, audio, escape room.. What a list! Twelve weeks starting September 2020! *** Messsage Ends ***

Doctor Who main range 1-50 for less than £75!

Big Finish has gone sale crazy and I must mention the main range 1-50 sale. It runs until April 20, 2020 (23:59 UK time) and each main range title is on sale (downloads only) for £1.49. You can’t go out and grab a coffee, so why not grab a few of these instead? You can…

Doctor Who and The Time War

RTD has just published his short prequel to Rose. It’s on the BBC website. take a moment, read and think about what might have been: Russell T Davies writes a prequel to Doctor Who – Rose. Stay safe. +++ Message Ends +++

The return of… The Curator!

In what is, for me, the most left-field announcement from Big Finish for a very long time is news of Tom Baker returning to play The Curator! Yes, the Curator. Day of the Doctor and all that! What’s more he will be adding to the intriguing mix we already know about for the forthcoming Eighth…

Thoughts ahead of the Haunting of the Villa Diodati

Series 12 takes the Thirteenth Doctor and companions back in time to the Villa Diodati and a meeting with Mary Shelley, Lord Byron and Percy Shelley. As a Big Finish fan, my main concern is how it fits (or not) with the superb Jonathan Morris Mary’s Story.

Doctor Who Main Range 101 – 150 end of print sale

Big Finish has announced Doctor Who main range 101 – 150 are going out of print, moving to download only. I’ve got then all, reviewed many of them here on Red Rocket Rising; I thought I’d make a few recommendations…