DWAS releases Cosmic Masque XI

The free (no email required) download from the Doctor Who Appreciation Society (DWAS) fanzine Cosmic Masque XI is out now. There’s a great Seventh Doctor cover (and even better pic at the back). It’s a mix of reviews (including Stranded) and a lot of fan fiction. The link is here. +++ Message Ends +++

My 2020 Vision of Doctor Who published in TARDIS

Now copies of the reborn TARDIS magazine from the DWAS are popping through people’s doors, I can talk about the article I wrote. Called 2020 Vision: Living in Exciting Times it’s an unashamedly positive look at the health of Doctor Who and looking forward to the show’s continued evolution.

Doctor Who and the Triffids in Celestial Toyroom 507

The Doctor Who Appreciation Society (DWAS) has published Celestial Toyroom 507, and the cover looks fantastic (see left)! The contents mentions Doctor Who and the Triffids, The Kraken, The Chrysalids and So Much More — which I wrote! Let me know what you thought of it. +++ Message Ends +++

DWAS reveals cover and details for TARDIS magazine

The Doctor Who Appreciation Society has released details on contents and cover for the return of TARDIS Magazine. Completely by chance this has Sarah Jane Smith on the cover (with the Fourth Doctor). It’s available to by now and looks like it will be something to collect — 60 pages, A4 and colour!

Celestial Toyroom 505 now out!

If you’re a DWAS member, and subject to local variation in postal deliveries, you may already have or be about to get the latest Celestial Toyroom through your letterbox. Inside are the usual range of reviews, articles, an interview with Mandip herself and reaction to the Timeless Children revelations. Details on the DWAS site here….

Fourth Doctor Adventures series 9 review in Cosmic Masque X

When you do download the free Cosmic Masque X you’ll find the first article is my review of The Fourth Doctor Adventures Series 9. I was rather flattered to see my byline at the front and hope you enjoy the review. *** Message Ends ***

Cosmic Masque X is out (and still free!)

The Doctor Who Appreciation Society (DWAS) has just published the latest issue of its free to everyone on download Cosmic Masque X. The Talons of Weng Chiang cover isn’t a clue to the contents – 56 pages of articles, reviews and features. Download here (single page) or here (double page). Congratulations to Rik Moran and…

TARDIS magazine is back in June 2020!

The Doctor Who Appreciation Society (DWAS) has revealed plans to bring back the magazine TARDIS in print form. Volume 16 will be available summer 2020 and appear three times in a year in A4. It’s commissioning articles only, so no submissions (unlike the Celestial Toyroom Annual). No details on the website yet, I reproduce the…

You could write about the Second Doctor for the DWAS

The Doctor Who Appreciation Society (DWAS) is planning the 2020 Christmas special edition of The Celestial Toyroom Annual. This year the theme is the Second Doctor. They are asking for writers, including those new to DWAS so why not take a look at their post on the DWAS site here: Celestial Toyroom Annual 2021. ***…

Extra reading from the DWAS

Given the global situation at the moment (March 2020 – look it up in your history books if you’re newly arrived from the future), the Doctor Who Appreciation Society (DWAS) has added more free content to their website. There’s also the YouTube channel.

Celestial Toyroom 504 – a Master-ful read!

The latest Celestial Toyroom from the DWAS is popping through letterboxes about now. This issue 504 has the Master on the cover and is very much the focus of the issue, along with a look at the role of the police in classic Doctor Who. Details on the Doctor Who Appreciation Society site: CT504. +++…

Celestial Toyroom 503 now out

Doctor Who Appreciation Society (DWAS) members should watch their mail – the latest issue of Celestial Toyroom is now out. Complete with rather attractive silurian themed cover there’s the usual packed set of articles on all things Who.