The Brigadier at Fifty

Just imagine – the Brigadier has now been part of Doctor Who for a massive fifty years! Thanks to Candy Jar Books the Brigadier’s anniversary is covered in depth in THE BRIGADIER: FIFTY YEARS OF LETHBRIDGE-STEWART. Full details on the website, but here’s a taster:

Free titles from Candy Jar books

There’s a Kindle giveaway thanks to Candy Jar Books, with five titles now free! The promotion runs for five days from 16th June 2018, and includes several Lethbridge-Stewart titles! It’s done in line with the Doctor Who on twitch event, and is the last giveaway until Autumn.

Beast of Fang Rock review on Starburst

I reviewed the Andy Frankham-Allen book The Beast of Fang Rock here on Starburst. If you don’t know, this is a Candy Jar Books title, setting out part of what happened to the Brigadier after Web of Fear. Details of their whole range are on their website: Lethbridge-Stewart. -=- Message Ends -=-

Forgotten Son reviewed

The Forgotten Son is the first in a new range of books from Candy Jar Books based around the life of Lethbridge-Stewart. With an introduction by Terrance Dicks, this is the first of a range of stories filling out the Brigadier-to-be’s life. Andy Frankham-Allen wrote this story to show us what happened after Web of Fear and…

Downtime comes to Reeltime

An announcement from Reeltime Pictures on their Time Travel TV website; they have the licence to distribute the Doctor Who spin-off Downtime. For those who don’t know (and the wiki entry is here), this story follows on from Web of Fear many years later, and pitches the Brigadier and Sarah Jane Smith against the Great Intelligence.

Free Lethbridge-Stewart eBook

If you’ve thought about Candy Jar’s new Lethbridge-Stewart books, you might want to take advantage a free eBook – Top Secret Files. This is available from the Forgotten Son page, and while mostly just a set of promotional bits and pieces is free (or 99p on Kindle) and will give you a good idea of the style of…