Doctor Who: Time War 3 review

The Eighth Doctor continues to skirt the edges of the Time War in Doctor Who: Time War 3 and it’s no easy task. The latest instalment brings four more stories from Matt Fitton, Lisa McMullin, Roland Moore and John Dorney. We’ve Daleks, Time Lord trickery and, as the cover reveals, the Valeyard! It’s a mix…

More details on Ravenous 3

Big Finish has given more details for Ravenous 3, beyond those revealed at Big Finish Day. The second story (Companion Piece by John Dorney) has no Eighth Doctor, but has Charley, Bliss, River Song, Liv Chenka and Helen Sinclair all in one episode. Add The Nine and this will be a feast for the ears! The news…

Ravenous 3 news from Big Finish Day 2018

The only Doctor Who related news of note from Big Finish Day 2018 (from the DU forum, Twitter as I didn’t attend) was casting for Ravenous 3, due April 2019. There’s a big clue in the picture!

The Time War Series 2 review

Paul McGann is back as the Eighth Doctor and with companion Bliss (Rakhee Thakrar) has plenty of Daleks to fight as he does his best to avoid as much of the Time War as he can. The writers have their own ideas… welcome to The Time War Series 2!

Listening to the Eighth Doctor: Where to begin

Over on The Doctor Who Companion they’re having an Eighth Doctor week, and as part of that I was asked to contribute a guide for new listeners on audio, suggesting which Big Finish Paul McGann titles they might start with.

The Time War Series 1 review

So, Big Finish has now joined the Eighth Doctor to the world of the Time War, landing Paul McGann in a hinterland between Doom Coalition and Night of the Doctor. It’s The Time War 1, the first of an annual series, due to run until 2020 no less. Something that significant needs savouring. Let’s take a listen and pool our thoughts…