Master! arrives!

Out today the Master is back, and this time it’s the Eric Roberts flavour. The full press release is below, or you could just download your copy and start listening!

Revolution of the Daleks collective review on the DWC

Back in the day (January) a group of Doctor Who Companion writers pooled their thoughts on Revolution of the Daleks. Curiously, I wrote my review before seeing the show, just as an experiment. I wasn’t far off; that tells me something about the show / my power of prediction / prejudging reviews / the meaning…

Doctor Who Stranded 2 review on Cultbox

While I felt Stranded 1 had potential but wasn’t innovative enough in its storytellling, I felt Stranded 2 worked a lot better. It’s more conventional Doctor Who and felt more coherent, though still had some flaws. You can read my thoughts on Cultbox: Doctor Who: Stranded 2 audio drama review. <<| Message Ends |>>

Free! 10 Objects of Dr Who

Thanks to Candy Jar Books, Philip Bates has made available a free download of 10 Objects of Dr Who. It’s on The Doctor Who Companion, and is a sampler for 100 Objects of Dr Who. +++ Message Ends +++

Sarah Jane Smith Roving Reporter cover reveal

Pencil Tip Publishing has revealed the cover for soon to be published Sarah Jane Smith Roving Reporter. My story, In Memoriam was written some years ago now and I’m looking forward to seeing it in print (and remembering what it was about!). I believe it will be available to order in April. I’ll keep you…

The Sirens of Time is the latest #lockdownload

It’s almost time for the final ever Doctor Who main range title to be released, so what better way to mark the occasion than revisiting the very first story Sirens of Time? Full details of this week’s Big Finish give-away follow…

Doctor Who: The Blazing Hour review on CultBox

I reviewed Doctor Who: The Blazing Hour for CultBox. For me, it had its moments, but failed to score highly for reasons I cover in the review. You can read my thoughts here: Doctor Who audio drama The Blazing Hour review. +++ Message Ends +++

Big Finish to produce quarterly warehouse status updates

If you’re always keen to get CDs rather than download only, and want to catch titles before they go out of print and out of stock in the warehouse, Big Finish has your back. There’s going to be updates produced every three months to help you out. Details below: