Tenth Doctor: One Mile Down review

The second release in The Tenth Doctor Adventures Volume 3, is One Mile Down by Jenny T Colgan. Unlike the previous episode, there’s no Sylvia or Wilf, but we do have Judoon. And fish people. And any moment now, disaster leading to…

Doctor Who Transcripts online

If you’re a writer (or just plain interested) there’s a great site packed with Doctor Who episode transcripts and more (Class and Torchwood included). It’s not just the main TV episodes, but lots of others such as radio broadcasts and even Curse of Fatal Death! The site is The Doctor Who Transcripts. <<* Message Ends…

The Moons of Vulpana review

May 2019 and the main range release is a Seventh Doctor story, The Moons of Vulpana, the second with punk-werewolf Mags (Jessica Martin) on-board the TARDIS. Written by Emma Reeves, it explores the backstory of Mags’s people by taking a trip to her homeworld of Vulpana. Like last month’s Monsters of Gokroth, it’s a very…

Unexpected Courtney

Recently I was in Oxford meeting someone for a swift drink. As one does we arranged to meet in the Eagle and Child. It’s a decent pub though (in my view) too much of a tourist trap, though has decent beer and some snugs. If you don’t know, this pub was famously where The Inklings…

Tenth Doctor: No Place review

The Tenth Doctor and Donna are back and this time they’ve brought the family! Yes, David Tennant and Catherine Tate are joined by Jacqueline King (Sylvia Noble) and Bernard Cribbins (Wilfred Mott). First in the Tenth Doctor Adventures Volume 3 is the James Goss story No Place. Come on in!

Unofficial 1987 Annual teaser

The Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1987 has started some teaser cover reveals for their Sixth Doctor project. No news (yet) on the content but I’m already very interested! More when as it happens. <<< Message Ends >>>

Paul McGann: Time Traveller

He’s travelled through time as the Eighth Doctor, but now Paul McGann will don the goggles of a seasons steampunk time traveller as he boards (figuratively speaking) HG Wells’s time machine for a trip back to 1890s Victorian England.