Obscure Dalek story of the week

And it’s well done to Atlas Obscura for their 1964 clip of a student Dalek outfit showing a rag week student selling books dressed as a Dalek. Perhaps the Daleks have already taken over! The story is: In 1964, You Could Buy Magazines From a Street Dalek! !!! Message Ends !!!

Enter the War Master!

Big Finish has announced Sir Derek Jacobi in a boxset as The War Master! The news item (and there are other announcements as well) is: DEREK JACOBI RETURNS AS THE WAR MASTER! In my mind, it’s an excellent concept, a great set of writers (Nick Briggs, Guy Adams, James Goss and new writer Janine H Jones).…

The Undiscovered Dalek

Thanks to the Cultbox Editor for pointing out a great crowdfunding project — The Undiscovered Dalek. It’s a Victor Lewis-Smith project, and I’ll let the man explain in his own words: It’s the first ever full-length documentary for cinema release devoted to the world-famous interstellar migrants from the planet Skaro