Odds on the next Doctor

With the suggestion of Kris Marshall being the subject of heavy betting (Doctor Who TV: KRIS MARSHALL 13TH DOCTOR BETS SUSPENDED AFTER SUDDEN SPIKE. This led me to look at the various odds being offered, to see who else is on the list; queue this post!

Dr Who and the Dalek Masterplan

What if there had been more 1960s Doctor Who movies with Peter Cushing? That’s the premise talented artist Dave Burgess has explored with artwork such as that for Dr. Who and the Dalek Masterplan (see picture on the left). Dave has a portfolio: DR. WHO | MOVIE ARTWORK and much else here besides.

War Doctor Volume 4 review on CultBox

I reviewed the phenomenal War Doctor Volume 4:Casualties of War on CultBox. It’s really rather good (the boxset, not my review!), and no hesitation in awarding 5*! The review is: ‘The War Doctor’ Volume 4 review: A raft of great performances in ‘Casualties of War’. /// Message Ends \\\