Divergent Wordsmiths news

Good news! If you want to keep track of the Divergent Wordsmiths, they now have a news page. They also have a page of links, and also material for people wishing to link back (and idea I must steal!). They have also firmed up (and I’m probably a year late in noticing) their strapline: Exciting…

Fourth Doctor for free!

Big Finish is giving away part 1 of Destination Nerva from September 7 2020 for one week. It was the first story for which Tom Baker returned to the role of the Fourth Doctor for Big Finish and should be part of any fan’s collection. There’s also a sale. Details after the break.

Celestial Toyroom 508/9 arriving now

Members of the Doctor Who Appreciation Society (DWAS) should be getting their double issue Celestial Toyroom 508/9 around now. Amongst other things there’s a fascinating interview with Peter Miles and a thought provoking piece by Dale Smith talking about heroes, gender, stereotypes and lots more. +++ Message Ends +++

Cosmic Masque XI

DWAS releases Cosmic Masque XI

The free (no email required) download from the Doctor Who Appreciation Society (DWAS) fanzine Cosmic Masque XI is out now. There’s a great Seventh Doctor cover (and even better pic at the back). It’s a mix of reviews (including Stranded) and a lot of fan fiction. The link is here. +++ Message Ends +++

Torchwood 1.5 Small Worlds

My Torchwood rewatch takes me to Small Worlds by PJ Hammond. I didn’t remember much about it from broadcast but since became quite interested to watch it. Writer PJ Hammond created and wrote most of Sapphire and Steel back in the later ’70s / early ’80s, a great show I’ve just rewatched for the first…

River Song and the Robots

Big Finish has revealed full details for River Song Vol 8 (some were in the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine). It’s due for release January 2021, and each story features a robot! Beginning with 1960s Dalek-botherers, the Mechonoids, to everyone’s favourite tin dog, K9 (once again voiced by John Leeson)… and there might be…