The Yeti are back!

It’s fifty years since the Yeti and the Great Intelligence first appeared with the Second Doctor, and today Big Finish has announced they will return to face the Counter-Measures team! The news was announced here: THE NEW COUNTER-MEASURES TEAM ARE BACK IN TIME OF THE INTELLIGENCE.

2017 Doctor Who Short Trips rarities released

The latest set of a Short Trips Rarities are now out, with great covers and there’s plenty to choose from (see here). Released just at the end of September 2017, there’s also an accompanying weekend sale on Short Trips. If nothing else it’s a chance to pick up a copy of A Full Life. You could also my story Rulebook,…

Time in Office review

I enjoyed the Eddie Robson set of Doctor Who stories collected as Time in Office and put together some thoughts for CultBox: Time in Office (Doctor Who Audio) review. It’s a good mix of President Fifth Doctor, Leela, Tegan and some good stories. Much recommended! +++ Message Ends +++

A Heart on Both Sides review

So, with Rob Nisbet’s A Heart on Both Sides the Time War comes to the Short Trips range, and we learn just what Nyssa did next, next as in long after any travels with the Fifth Doctor. As the cover makes clear, this is an Eighth Doctor story, and comes out just in time to get us in the mood…

Doctor Who Infinity announced

Tiny Rebel Games has announced some details of Doctor Who Inifinity, its 2018 follow-up to Doctor Who Legacy. It starts with Dalek Invasion of Time, a George Mann story illustrated by MIke Collins / Chris Carter. I believe it will be a paid for game, and the first of a series. This story features the Twelfth Doctor and Missy.