Jago & Litefoot meet the Tenth Doctor!

Massive news about the Short Trips range today. Not only do we get the first ever two-part story, but it’s also narrated by two voices. If that seems only passingly interesting, the two voices are those of Jago & Litefoot! Did I mention the story has the Tenth Doctor in it?

Beast of Kravenos review on Cultbox

I shared some thoughts on the Justin Richards Fourth Doctor story The Beast of Kravenos over on Cultbox. It stars Tom Baker as the Doctor, Lalla Ward as Romana II, John Leeson as K9 as well as Christopher Benjamin and Trevor Baxter as Messrs Jago and Litefoot! Conrad Asquith sneaks in as Inspector Quick. With a full…

Jago & Litefoot series 12 review

With this twelfth boxset Jago & Litefoot revisits some threads from its very inception and at certain points feels as though the series might be on the brink of drawing a line in the sand or even taking a break. Fortunately (and despite the lack of cliffhanger ending), we know there will be plenty more for Trevor…

Jago & Litefoot series 11 review

I’ve already discussed Jago & Litefoot Series 11 over on Starburst, now I’d like to go deeper into the stories. As the cliff-hanger from series 10 revealed the presence of the Geoffrey Beevers Master, and the cast list includes Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor, I had concerns this might be more Doctor Who than Jago & Litefoot. How did…

Still waiting for the Paternoster Gang on audio

Another reveal from the latest Big Finish podcast was the fact their extended licence doesn’t cover the Paternoster Gang. This is a surprise to many fans, and more so given Strax has already appeared with Jago & Litefoot.

Jago & Litefoot series 11 review on Starburst

I’ve reviewed Jago & Litefoot series 11 over on Starburst; I will produce an in-depth review here at some stage. In short, yet another hit, longer form see here: JAGO & LITEFOOT SERIES 11. >:: Message Ends ::<

2015: Top 10 non-Who titles on Cultbox

It’s that time of year and fellow reviewer Ian McArdell and I put together a top 10 (after some struggle) of non-Who releases from Big Finish for 2015. Not all of these are Who spin-offs but enough are to make this relevant to this blog. I’m sure there are other titles that could have been added –…

Jago & Litefoot & Strax – The Haunting reviewed

We’ve had the first all-new modern-Who series from Big Finish (UNIT-Extinction), now we get the first crossover from modern to old with Justin Richards’s tale Jago & Litefoot & Strax – The Haunting. This means the regular Jago & Litefoot crew (including Ellie and Inspector Quick) get to meet the well-dressed if strange-looking Mr Strax. Strax…

Jago & Litefoot Series 10 reviewed

I’ve already reviewed Jago & Litefoot series 10 on Cultbox; this is a more extensive review that goes deeper into the stories and has a bit more in the way of spoilers. Series 9 gave our heroes a sea trip to remember and introduced the character of Dr Betterman (David Warner). What treats are in store…

Jago & Litefoot 10 reviewed on Cultbox

Here’s my Cultbox review of Jago & Litefoot 10: ‘Jago and Litefoot’ Season 10 audio box set review: Big Finish’s ‘Doctor Who’ spin-off. A local review will follow. === Message Ends ===

Jago, Litefoot and Strax

It may not be the full Paternoster Gang, but we can’t complain. Big Finish has announced Jago & Litefoot & Strax. An idea so obvious I didn’t think of it. Dan Starkey is a very familiar figure in Big Finish releases and fans have been clamouring to have the Paternoster Gang meet up with Jago & Litefoot….