Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower

I was reading around the topic of Nikola Tesla, following his Night of Terror, and came across various bits of information on his tower at Wardenclyffe (pictured). Most apt was reading the episode had actually been filmed there – it wasn’t a set! Reading on it seems this might be exaggerated – see below.

It’s Tesla Time!

The Independent had a piece on Tesla the person: Nikola Tesla: the true story of the inventor played by Goran Višnjić in series 12 of Doctor Who. It covers a lot of the bases needed to follow the TV story.

Digging around I found this piece on the tower as a whole and some of his theories: The Wardenclyffe Tower: the Dream that Sank Tesla. Reading in it turns out the site was largely demolished but is now the Tesla Science Center and there’s a project to restore it in it’s entirety.

Wherever I read the building had been used was either wrong, exaggerating or something I dreamed up! If you can set me straight, do let me know in the comments.

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