More details on Tales from New Earth

Tales from New Earth coverYou may have missed this from Big Finish: COMING SOON – TALES FROM NEW EARTH. Not just the cover but some insight into the various stories and setting.

Tales from New Earth details

It’s directed by the wonderful (trust me) Helen Goldwyn, and script-edited by the ubiquitous Matt Fitton. Stories are:

1.1 Escape From New New York by Roy Gill

1.2 Death in the New Forest by Roland Moore

1.3 The Skies of New Earth by Paul Morris

1.4 The Cats of New Cairo by Matt Fitton

Full marks to Roy Gill for the title of his story, and I see Roland Moore who also wrote September’s Early Adventure: The Nigh Witches. Various bits of cast news, including Julian Rhind-Tutt who played Vince Cosmos in the Bafflegab release of the same name, and also appeared it the recent alternative history story SS-GB (and a huge amount of other titles).

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