Big Finish May Day Sale 2014

Third Doctor in DaemonsThe Third Doctor may have struggled with Morris Dancers and Maypoles in Daemons but no such challenges face Big Finish fans on May 1st 2014. For the second year in a row Big Finish has held a one day sale – this one is bargain prices on the Main Range 51 – 100. Prices are £7.50 for CDs and £6.50 for downloads.

Not only does this give me even more old material to listen to (at some point) and more blog posts but also heralds something else – more changes. Only earlier this year we had a £5 sale on 51-75 but now we have had this extend even further. Don’t forget that the range is now over #180 so these are still titles from more than six years ago!

Did you indulge? Let me know!

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  • Aidan

    It is a deal. I was able to plug a few more gaps. :)

    • I’m now complete 1-100 though have around 16+ titles to listen to!

      • Aidan

        I managed to fill up everything but The Gathering and The Reaping and my ‘to listen’ pile has similarly blossomed!

        • Hopefully no sales for a while (though a few things out this month to add to the list!)