Andrew Smith interviewed in the Daily Record

Andrew Smith is interviewed in the September 11th Daily Record under the title Rutherglen writer resurrects sixties Doctor Who foes. He talks about Domain of the Voord and other Big Finish work including Survivors. — Message Ends —

Domain of the Voord reviewed

Andrew Smith kicks of the brand new Early Adventures range with the story Domain of the Voord. This is a First Doctor story over two discs and includes  a full cast (Daisy Ashford, Andrew Dickens and Andrew Bone) alongside William Russell and Carole Ann Ford.

Domain of the Voord cover

As the Companion Chronicles wind down we look forward to The Early Adventures and Big Finish has now released the cover for the first of these. It is, of course, a First Doctor story and is called Domain of the Voord by Andrew Smith (note to self – must interview Andrew at some point). The Big Finish news item is here: FIRST…